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Men’s Non-Surgical

Vigorous lifestyle?  You don’t have to give up anything to have a full head of hair again.

Every man’s hair problem is different and needs individualized styling. Every man’s lifestyle is also different. Some lead fast-paced lives with the extreme activity of a professional athlete, while others work in an office with calmer but continuous close-up contact. In either extreme, natural hair replacement is permanent, undetectable, fashionable and attractive.

Most permanent hair loss is due to heredity, it is dictated by your genetic make-up. Science has not yet discovered a way to halt patterns of baldness. What today’s technology has developed, however, is a remarkable, permanent solution using natural hair replacement.

In order to recreate your hairstyle and hairline, a precise mold will be taken of the area of reconstruction, (the areas where the hair is thinning or does not exist).  During the mold impression, an evaluation of the natural hair growth pattern will be determined. This allows us to implant the hair into the Non-Surgical Transplanting, exactly as your hair once grew. A sample of your existing hair will be taken in order for us to match your hair exactly for color, curl and density. This process makes an exact duplication of the characteristics of the client’s scalp and existing hair.

Non-Surgical Transplanting adds real human hair to your own creating the desired fullness and style you want, without surgery. It is the most natural and undetectable process available today. It allows you to function in a normal fashion with 100% security. You will feel and look like you’ve never experienced hair loss.

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Angie, 48

"I’ve been a client for 15 years, I am still satisfied and content as an EHR client. They are a great group of professionals"

Mary, 63

"I was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. When I began to lose my hair I went to multiple wig providers, I decided to come to EHR Center before deciding where to buy my wig from. When I walked in the door I felt welcomed and not pressured. The girls found a wig that was perfect for me."

Bill, 36

"I love my father, but when I look in the mirror I don’t want to see him staring back at me."

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